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Publishing Services

Desk with Book

At Amber Tales Media & Marketing, we understand that each book is unique and requires personalized care. That's why we offer a range of publishing services, catering to a variety of genres. From selecting the perfect trim size to genre-specific pages, our team works hand-in-hand with you to ensure your book is presented in the best possible light.

Book Production

Looking for an affordable and reliable way to get your literary works published? Our publishing package is designed to meet the needs of both new and experienced authors, offering the option to publish your book in paperback, hardback, or e-book format. With a dedicated team of professionals on board, you'll have all the support you need to bring your vision to life.



Unlock the potential of your literary masterpiece with our audiobook production service. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, we can transform it into a captivating spoken-word experience that will capture your audience. Audiobooks are the key to expanding your readership and attracting audiences of all ages in today's fast-paced digital world.


Line Editing

Transform your manuscript into a polished masterpiece with our meticulous line editing service. We are dedicated to addressing every detail, ensuring that your work flows smoothly, and the reader's connection to the story is enhanced. Our experienced editors triple-check your work, addressing all grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues while ensuring consistency throughout the work.


Content & Developmental Editing

Let us help you take your manuscript to the next level with our content editing service. Our team of dedicated editors is committed to fine-tuning every aspect of your work, from addressing inconsistencies in plot and character development to refining your writing style. With our help, your manuscript will resonate with perfection and leave a lasting impression on your readers.


Copy Editing

Our Copy Editing service is designed to take your manuscript to the next level. We comb through your book, leaving no grammatical error uncorrected. Our team meticulously corrects inconsistencies in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerical placement, and hyphenation. We also assess the overall structure and flow, ensuring a coherent and engaging reading experience.


Data Entry

We offer affordable and efficient data entry services to support aspiring authors on their publishing journey. Our team of dedicated typists specializes in transforming manuscripts into digital formats that are ready for publication.



Illustrations have an incredible ability to bring stories to life, and our illustration services are designed to help authors enhance their literary works with captivating artwork. Our bespoke packages are tailored to your needs, and our skilled illustrators and graphic designers work collaboratively to deliver high-quality illustrations that add depth, emotion, and enchantment to your narrative.



Our Translation services open up a world of possibilities for your publishing and production needs. We translate to some of the most widely spoken languages globally, including but not limited to Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, UK English, Modern Standard Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Punjabi. Our team is committed to delivering a professional and accurate translation service, with files that can be translated back and forth between languages, providing the flexibility and convenience you need.

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