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At Amber Tales Media & Marketing, we are dedicated to bringing your publishing aspirations to life by increasing your chances of securing major deals with top industry players. Our team is committed to negotiating the best terms in your publishing agreements to ensure you receive the most favorable deal possible.

We offer assistance in the submission to Traditional Publishing and Film Adaptation.

Traditional Publishing

Traditional publishing is an art that requires expert guidance. Our agency is dedicated to connecting authors with unique ideas to major publishers for the literary masterpieces that they deserve to be. We work tirelessly to provide authors with every tool and resource they need to succeed in the competitive publishing market. With our help, you can have your literary masterpiece in the hands of readers across the globe.

Query Letter

Want to make the best impression on literary agents and publishers? Start with your query letter. We specialize in crafting compelling letters that showcase your book's essence and unique voice. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way, from targeting agents to navigating the publishing world.


Book Proposal

We offer a comprehensive Book Proposal service that is designed to help you navigate the complex publishing landscape. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a meticulously crafted document that outlines your book idea, target audience, market analysis, competitive landscape, author platform, and a tantalizing sample of your manuscript. With our help, you can increase your chances of securing a book deal and achieving your publishing dreams.


Book Synopsis

Make your book stand out with an expertly crafted book synopsis. We create concise and comprehensive summary that provides a clear overview of your story that will certainly capture a literary agent's attention. Our team of experienced professionals will make sure to highlight the plot, characters and key elements of your book in a brief document that ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand words. Don't underestimate the power of an enticing synopsis; make your manuscript shine.

Film Adaptation

We know what it takes to turn a book into a blockbuster. Our team works with a wide array of professionals to provide comprehensive solutions for every step of the film adaptation process. We are dedicated to securing the best possible terms for our clients, setting industry standards by providing unparalleled guidance and resources.

Book Coverage

This is your cost-effective solution to elevate your book to the next level. We offer a professional service designed for authors who aspire to see their works adapted into cinematic experiences. Our team will meticulously craft a synopsis and outline of your book, ensuring your project stands out from the crowd.


Hollywood Treatment

Ready to break into the entertainment industry? Look no further than our Hollywood Treatment package. Our aggressive strategy is designed to propel your literary masterpiece into the spotlight of the industry by transforming it into a captivating screenplay. With our expertise and industry connections, we'll increase the visibility of your work and help you unlock doors of opportunity that you never thought possible.



Take your book from page to screen. Our team of expert writers and marketers will ensure that your story is transformed into a screenplay that captivates both producers and audiences. With our industry expertise and storytelling mastery, we offer the perfect blend to bring your literary creation to life.


Hollywood Pitch

Are you ready to take your movie concept to the next level? Our team will take your book and craft a seamless 'elevator' pitch for your movie. We’ll include your book's genre and strategically incorporate captivating keywords to spark genuine interest in your concept. Get ready to see your book turned into a Hollywood blockbuster.


Query Letter

Are you looking for a bridge to the big screen? Our professionally written query letter service is the perfect solution. We'll craft a customized letter that highlights the best aspects of your book and presents them in a way that captivates the interest of Hollywood's most influential decision makers. Trust us to distribute your query letter to our extensive network and help you get noticed.

Ready to get started?

Let us help you discover the best publishing and marketing solutions for your book.

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