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Our Authors Say

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"I absolutely adored working with Amber Tales! We had daily communication throughout the ordering process, and they managed to propel my book to the #1 spot in the new release category, resulting in a significant number of downloads in the very first week! I am incredibly thankful that I came across them during my journey as a first-time publisher!"

Catie the Traveler

Author, Let’s Travel Baby! How to Travel Internationally on a Budget for the New or Seasoned Traveler


USA Today Bestselling Author

"I am absolutely thrilled that I chose to utilize their Library promotional service for my book. It has resulted in remarkable exposure and even garnered coverage from major outlets like Fox and ABC. I am truly excited to see where this newfound visibility will take me, as it has undoubtedly opened doors for my work."

Alik Monin

Author, Telepathist, Parapsychology behind the Iron Curtain

"Our entire experience working with Amber Tales was truly delightful. James maintained constant communication with us, two brand-new authors. He went above and beyond to alleviate our nervousness and not only met but exceeded our expectations, ensuring our new book was formatted beautifully and professionally for a successful launch. What more could one ask for? It was truly outstanding work, and we are immensely grateful."


USA Today Bestselling Author

"Gaining exposure like this is the dream of every self-published author! Having our books considered by libraries not only broadens our chances of reaching new readers but also brings our work to a wider audience. The Library service offered by them is truly invaluable, and any author contemplating this opportunity should absolutely jump on board without hesitation. Thank you! This service went above and beyond my expectations!"
Multi-Storey Library
"Getting my first book award within just a month of signing up with Amber Tales' Book Award service is absolutely amazing! I greatly appreciate that their service connects me with legitimate awards and takes care of all the details, allowing me to focus on my book. I believe everyone should consider joining their Book Award service."

Kate Hudson-Hall 


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